Sporteventi: New Award from AC Milan

On the 12nd April 2011 it has been held at the International Beach Hotel of Caorle (Venice seaside – Italy), the opening gala of the ACMilan Fan-Club “Fedelissimi Rossoneri” which has hosted the following leading figures:

Gianni Nardi, AC Milan Vice-President;
Filippo Galli, AC Milan Coach and ACMilan youth sector Manager;
Pietro Marchioni, President of Sporteventi and responsible for the AC Milan Junior Soccer Camp of the Venice Area (Italy) and Croatia;
Pierino Prati e Gino Maldera, ex-soccer players of ACMilan and Supervisors of the AC Milan Junior Summer Camps organized by Sporteventi;
Bruno Pizzul, one of the most famous sport commentator and journalist in Italy.
The opening party has been the opportunity to speak of the AC Milan Junior Football Camp 2011, in particular, it has been awarded Sporteventi for the commitment demonstrated in the AC Milan Football Summer Camp organization in the Venice Area (Italy) and Croatia.

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