Before enrolling on the camp, please check the availability (traffic lights) at the link: CAMP DATES

Registration on line

Registration on line (procedure as recommended by Sporteventi):

  1. Fill in the blank spaces and click on Register
  2. You will receive (in the indicated e-mail) a confirmation mail. In it you will find also the necessary indications to complete the registration form
  3. Undersign the lot in the appropriate spaces and send it to fax No. (0039) 0438 947394

If you need help write to or call tel. No. (0039) 348 8746938.


Alternative procedure

As an alternative to the above mentioned procedure:

  • Download the registration form and print it
  • fill it in writing in every part, in capital letters and clear writing
  • sign it and send it to fax no. 0039 0438 947394.

Also complete, sign and send to fax no. 0039-0438 947394 (or by mail to bringing then the original card at the check-in of the camp) the Statement of liability and damages refund authorization attached.
Please note, as per terms and conditions provided on Sporteventi Entry Form attached, in the event that your camper/child requires urgent medical care, as determined by Sporteventi as Manager of the Milan Academy Junior Camp, your credit card may be charged the cost of such care/treatment, or pay for any damages to the facilities used by Sporteventi as Manager of the Milan Academy Junior Camp caused by your camper/child, or with your prior approval (your email may serve as such) pay for additional classes, offerings or services. All fees to be in Euros.

If you need help write to or call us tel. no. (0039) 348 8746938.




To complete the enrolment on the camp you need to send us by fax (0039 0438 947394) or by e-mail (

1) the Entry Form and also a Medical Certificate of a Doctor recognised by your National Health System stating:

  • that the Doctor has diagnosed any clinical signs restraining the practice – in competition or not – of football/soccer and specifically of the football/soccer sport event named ‘Milan Academy Junior Camp’ which is a not agonistic AC Milan summer football camp for children aged 7 – 17 (the medical certificate must cover the entire period of the camp, or the registration will be cancelled)
  • that the electrocardiogram (ECG), if needed, doesn’t show any sign of detectable illness / disease
  • that the subject does not show any sign of detectable contagious illness / disease

In case the boy/girl is a member of a football team we just need of the photocopy of the medical certificate he needs to provide to the club to practice agonistic sports.
The original medical certificate must be signed and filled out by your doctor less than 1 year before the camp starts and brought on the first day of camp at the check-in, and its validity must cover the duration of the all camp.

2) a copy of the Identity Card or of the passport of the camper.