Head Coaches / Supervisors

Sporteventi provides one of the most prestigious coaching staffs in Italy and Europe directed by Supervisors / Head Coaches who are former AC Milan players of proven national and international fame and prestige or coaches or managers of crucial importance. They are in charge of planning the strictly technical side of the AC Milan Junior Camp, the training sessions and everything that has to do with what is happening in the soccer fields in general.

The present and past Supervisors of the AC Milan Academy Junior Camp of Sporteventi are Pierino Prati, Maurizio Ganz, Fulvio Fiorin, Gino Maldera, Filippo Galli, Pietro Vierchowod, Stefano Eranio, Walter De Vecchi, Diego Bortoluzzi and Christian Lantignotti.
Here is a brief detail of their career:

Head Coaches at the AC Milan Academy Camp