Sporteventi Staff during the AC Milan Academy Camp

Sporteventi’s staff is divided into AC Milan supervisors and Sporteventi coaches.

The AC Milan supervisors are former players of AC Milan of proven national and international fame and prestige or AC Milan youth sector coaches or managers of crucial importance. They are in charge of planning the strictly technical side of the AC Milan Junior Camp, the training sessions and everything that has to do with what is happening in the soccer fields in general. They are also requested to point out to AC Milan directly, the campers selected for the event “AC Milan Junior Camp Day”.

These especially influential and prestigious persons will be:

The AC Milan Supervisors work together with the Sporteventi coaches.
In such environment the organization of the coaches is quite straight up and hierarchical.
The person in charge of all the Sporteventi coaches is Luca Santochirico (Sporteventi Coaching Manager).
All the locations run by Sporteventi have a Coach in charge (Sporteventi Head Coach): each one of the Head coaches, whose coordinator is Luca Santochirico, reports directly to the AC Milan Supervisor and has to organize all the coaches of his camp (one coach every 10/12 campers); each Head Coach is also responsible of his camp logistics as well as of all the facilities in general.
Every camp has at least one staff member who can speak Russian fluently, 3 / 4 members of the staff who speak English fluently and a woman as assistant in particular for the younger children.


Sporteventi’s Coaching Manager

  • Luca Santochirico


Sporteventi’s Head Coach