Sporteventi Staff during the AC Milan Academy Camp

Sporteventi’s staff is composed by Supervisors, AC Milan Academy Technical Directors and Sporteventi’s coaches.

Eranio, Santochirico and Ambrosini at the AC Milan Academy Camp in Cortina d'AmpezzoSporteventi's technical staff on the football field during the AC Milan Acdemy Junior Camp

The Supervisors are former AC Milan players of proven national and international fame and prestige or coaches or managers of crucial importance. They are in charge of planning the strictly technical side of the AC Milan Junior Camp, the training sessions and everything that has to do with what is happening in the soccer fields in general.

These especially influential and prestigious persons will be:

The Supervisors direct the work of the Sporteventi’s coaches on the football field, coordinating primarily with the AC Milan Academy Technical Directors.

Walter De Vecchi, AC Milan supervisor, with a Sporteventi staff member at the AC Milan Academy CampPietro Vierchowod head coach at AC Milan Acaademy Camp with Sporteventi staff

In such environment the organization of the staff is quite straight up and hierarchical.

The Sporteventi’s Coaching Manager of all Sporteventi’s coaches is Luca Santochirico (Sporteventi Coaching Manager and Manager of the AC Milan Junior Camp of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Asiago Mountain Plateau, Jesolo Lido and Lignano Sabbiadoro).

All the locations of AC Milan Junior Camps run by Sporteventi have a Manager in charge (Sporteventi’s Manager) and an AC Milan Academy Technical Director: each of these top figures (coordinated by Luca Santochirico) interfaces with the Supervisor who plans the football-technical aspects of the AC Milan camp and who, in concert with the manager in charge and the AC Milan Academy Technical Director, coordinates the Sporteventi’s coaches present at the camp (one every 10/12 boys around); the Sporteventi’s Manager is also in charge for the logistics of the camp site entrusted to him as well as of all the facilities in general.

In every AC Milan Junior camp there are always many staff members who speak English, at least one speaks Russian, and there is also at least one female assistant with the task of assistance and management of problems related in particular to younger and injured children.

Young players of the AC Milan Academy Camp in the half-circle while receiving instructions from Sporteventi's technical staffLorenzo Cresta and two trainers from Sporteventi's staff give the indacations to four children of the AC Milan Academy Camp


AC Milan Academy Technical Director


Sporteventi’s Coaching Manager