Trainings and the AC Milan Combined Method

Every single location is entrusted to the management and coordination of a Sporteventi HEAD-COACH.
The Sporteventi HEAD-COACH is in charge of the coordination of all Sporteventi coaches present at the camp (one for every 10 campers) both on and off the soccer field. Trainings on the soccer field are directed directly and exclusively by the AC Milan Supervisor present on site; the Sporteventi HEAD-COACH, following the guidelines set down by the AC Milan Supervisor, coordinates all the Sporteventi coaching staff.

Campers are divided into groups based mainly on age, physical growth and finally technical ability, which is judged the first day upon their arrival at the camp (Sunday afternoon).

Main age groups are:

  • 7-8 years
  • 9-11 years
  • 12-16 years

Following is a brief description of the type of work done by each group:

  • 7-8 years – Mainly working with the ball (guiding the ball, dribbling, shots on goal)
  • 9-11 years – Working with the ball and technical-tactical work (working 3 against 2 or 2 against 1, zone or man defense, movements without the ball)
  • 12-16 years – Mainly technical-tactical work

The morning is usually devoted to technical stations; afternoons are used for squad or individual tournaments (drives, shoot outs, penalty kicks, etc.).

As a general rule physical work is suspended on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons to give campers time to recuperate from their hard work. “Recuperation” often occurs in a pool, whenever the town or hotel offers adequate installations.

The trainings sessions are structured on the basis of the AC Milan Combined Method, that is a set of methodologies and training programs designed by the AC Milan Academy – the AC Milan center of innovation and development – in order to pursue simultaneously a plurality of aims complement each other and belonging to different areas, namely:

  • technical-tactical area
  • athletic development area
  • psychological-relation area
  • educational area.


“During an AC Milan Academy Camp children can interact with other people of the same age and with adults both during their free time and obviously on the football field: it is a unique experience!
Our staff analyses and proposes exercises with the aim of entertaining all participants, helping them to fight their fear of making mistakes and to collaborate with their mates.
We do not have the pretension that they become champions, but we help them to show their talent (little or much) which is something precious for us.

The method of AC Milan can be well distinguished thanks to its multidisciplinary approach towards athletes and every training session is studied and structured in order to reach a multiplicity of complementary objectives which are linked to the following macro-areas:

  • technical-tactical area
  • athletic development area
  • psychological-relation area
  • educational area

This strong interaction of aims represents the AC Milan Combined Method!

(Filippo Galli, AC Milan Youth Sector Technical Manager)

“An AC Milan Academy Camp is a life experience with a football background and allows players to interact with young people that come from every part of Italy and from all over the world and coaches with a lot of experience in technical area and educational-psychological area.
The confrontation with other cultures opens new horizons to the participants that are so stimulated to face every training session with great responsibility. Moreover, all sessions are based on unique exercises, which are always funny and sapecific: these exercises can prove the real passion for this sport and are not normally experimented in a normal football clubs. Players often face individual and group challenges where the aim is encouraging them to do their best, proving first of all their selves without creating an excessive competition with their mates.
This is the reason why a talented player will not be exalted by the staff, on the contrary all players will be given the possibility to compete with other participants and to learn, peacefully and trustfully, from those who are more talented, sharing the samepassion for football.
All indications of our coaches are always given with great sensitivity and with the authority they have, thanks to a full of success long career that raises in all participants respect and admiration. Consequently, children always pay great attention and can understand and treasure every single suggestion and detail that they have learnt during this adventure.
All these aspects are adorned with the magic that red and black inspire: wearing the AC Milan glorious t-shirt gives you a power and an enthusiasm that allow you to experience this sport as best as you can. It is a sport where both the belief in your own means and the ambition to become a professional football player give an explosive power.”

(Matteo Fumagalli, camper of 2007 in Vittorio Veneto with Pierino Prati)



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