AC Milan soccer Camp: Jesolo Lido (Venice) 2016

In 2016 Sporteventi is happy to announce two weeks of Milan Junior Camp in Jesolo Lido (Venice).

  • From 10th to 16th July – with the AC Milan Supervisors Pierino Prati and Luca Santochirico
  • From 17th al 23rd July – with AC Milan Supervisors Pierino Prati and Luca Santochirico

Please find some more information on the location, the accommodation and all the activities available for the campers in Jesolo.

Jesolo was build by the Romans, it was an important place for merchant vessels to stop. This lovely beach town is now considered the most famous Italian Adriatic beach just 10 km away from one of the most beautiful cities of the world: Venice.

Venice is in fact easily reachable by public and private transport ( Jesolo, a real paradise for tourists, with a coastline of about 15 kilometers, shops, playgrounds, amusement parks, water parks (, hotels, Golf Club ( and performances of all kinds in via Bafile, the longest pedestrian street in Europe.

Parents have many options available, from sports to arts and culinary visits, starting from Venice but also in the nearest cities (for info check
This summer sport event increases its international success years after years, with campers coming from all over the world. The main AC Milan Supervisor for Jesolo Lido (Venice) is the AC Milan football legend Pierino Prati. AC Milan Camp starts on a Sunday at 2pm and ends on a Saturday at 2pm. Campers are under constant surveillance 24/7. The day is usually organized as follow: daily trainings (two sessions per day) and recreational activities, such as relaxation and group games at the beach and the park, visits at the reptile house or Sand Castle and evening walks. On a Friday evening the awards ceremony take place in Piazza Milano, which parents are welcome to attend.

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Jesolo is easily accessible from both Venice Airport (30 km) and Treviso Airport (40 km) as well as the A4 highway Venice – Turin.

During the Camp period many festivals are held on various locations nearby, for more info please visit:

We are waiting for you!
Sporteventi Staff