Announcement: Cancellation of the AC Milan Camp of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Asiago Mountain Plateau, Jesolo Lido and Lignano Sabbiadoro

Dear families, dear campers,

A member of the Sporteventi staff with three boys and a girl during the day at the AC Milan Academy Camptoday we are officially announcing the cancellation of the AC Milan Camp of Cortina d’Ampezzo, of the Asiago Mountain Plateau, of Jesolo Lido and of Lignano Sabbiadoro. We do it with great regret, above all because we wanted in some way to make our contribution in this difficult moment, if only to keep alive the relationship with the families who call us every day to ask us about the state of things. And we regret not being able to particularly support hoteliers who are going through a dramatic period. And we are sorry for this drastic decision also because the regions in which we organize our summer activities (Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia) currently present an extremely reduced if not downright non-existent contagion situation. The Venetian airports are not anymore in the OMS-list on the CODIV-19-airport-risk since 3 days.

However, as we have always structured the AC Milan Camp at Sporteventi, in order to manage the camps we are obliged to apply 4 protocols:

  • the hotel one, currently regulated by FederAlberghi and by Veneto and FVG regions
  • that one of transport services, currently regulated by Veneto and FVG regions
  • that one f summer camps, currently regulated by the Italian State and by Veneto and FVG regions
  • that one of Sport base-activity, currently regulated by the Italian State and the Italian Federation of Football

Objectively, compliance with all the conditions set by the above protocols is impossible to guarantee, because sometimes the regulations are confused and sometimes there are halter prescriptions. We talked with the AC Milan company doctor, with the lawyers who follow the association, with the hoteliers, with the various subjects who have been working with us for 20 years (among them the Battistuzzi friends who guarantee all the bus transfer during the camp), with our Site-Manager Luca Santochirico, Lorenzo Cresta and Chiara Asteo and with the municipal administrations involved: running the camps would be really difficult and in some situations it would also expose us to criminally relevant lawsuits.

We cite a case, just to give an example: the fever.

On average, 2 out of 20 campers after the first days of camp experience have a fever, for various reasons (tension release, excess of physical and recreational activity, sudden changes in temperature between the football field and the hotel structure, etc.). In this case, the Sporteventi-Site Manager should immediately alert the company management – therefore the hotelier – that he should order the immediate isolation of the camper in the room pending the arrival of the health inspector, who should arrange what need to be done (isolation, tests and treatments): isolation would be around 36-48 hours. Isolation could also be arranged for members of our staff in close contact with the camper, if there is a suspicion of infection, and also for hotel staff members who came into contact with the suspected case of infection. If the case of contagion is confirmed, the places where the camper stayed or the surfaces frequently touched by the participant should be sanitized.

From this first analysis it can be understood how the complex procedure described above must be activated compulsorily by the hotelier who risks, otherwise, the revocation of the license and a lawsuit. In fact, therefore, the camp could end on Tuesday or Wednesday. We do not even mention the problems of managing children inside the hotel and rooms, with the attached obligation to maintain the interpersonal distance of 1 meter and with the obligation to wear a face-mask.

We are sorry, but we must admit that compliance with the protocols imposed by various subjects in the various phases of the camp makes its implementation difficult and we are not able to guarantee 100% the safety of the campers, your families, our staff and various camp actors. And for us at Sporteventi, the safety aspect is the first and most important requirement of the camp, for which many families choose us regardless of being AC Milan supporters.
What to say?! We are extremely sorry; we will be sorry not to be with you, campers and families; we will miss the Sunday chats, the enthusiasm of the boys and girls, the ball, the anthem of AC Milan, the evenings spent among us of the staff, the awards on Friday evening, the joy of the camp, the joy of the campers, the laughter, sleepless hours, fatigue.
It is the first year since 2000 that we stop. But we will come back, in 2021 we will be with you again – at least this is our wish – with the same passion, the same enthusiasm and the same dedication.

Continue to follow us on the association’s social networks and channels: we will be even closer to you than before!

Best wishes to all of you!