AC Milan Academy Camp: Training Program

During the training in the AC Milan Junior Camp, il supervisore AC Milan, the head coach Stefano Eranio gives the instructions to four children


Every single location is entrusted to the management and coordination of a Sporteventi’s Manager.

On the football field, the training sessions are planned by the Technical Supervisor and the AC Milan Technical Director in coordination with the Sporteventi’s Manager.

The players are mainly divided by age-group, physical structure and possibly technical ability.

  • In general the age-groups are the following ones:
  • 7-8 years: mainly work with the ball (ball driving, dribbling, precision shooting)
  • 9-11 years: work with the ball and technical-tactical exercises (3vs2 or 2vs1 challenges, zone or man disposition, movements without the ball)

12-16 years: mainly technical-tactical work and work with the ball



Organization of activities

The morning is usually dedicated to technical stations; the afternoon is used for team tournaments or individual challeges (precision shots, shot outs, free-kick shots).

As a rule of thumb, on Wednesdays or Thursdays afternoon the trainings on the football field are partially suspended to allow the participants to recover from the intensive effort.



Training structure

The trainings are structured on the basis of the Integrated AC Milan Method, a set of methodologies and training programs designed by the AC Milan Academy – the innovation and development training Department of AC Milan – with the aim of simultaneously pursuing a plurality of objectives complementary to each other and belonging to different areas, namely:

  • Technical-tactical area
  • Athletic area
  • Psycho-relational area
  • Educational area