What is Milan Junior Camp?

AC Milan Junior Camp youth footballer team with Walter De Vecchi at the soccer field in Asiago Plateau

This AC Milan summer soccer academy is a coeducational training program dedicated to provide excellence in football training. The academy provides a challenging and enriching environment for the participants of all ability levels and ages (from 6 to 16).

The Sporteventi Sports Association has been partnering AC Milan since 2000, and is one of the AC Milan’s longest-running and most successful AC Milan Junior Camp Official Partner; Sporteventi was also reviewed in 2016 by the prestigious American newspaper “The New York Times“. Below we report the Sporteventi’s awards from AC Milan and the reviews from “SKY Sport channel” and “The New York Times”:

  • 2002: “Best organization and promotion of the AC Milan Junior Camp”
  • 2003: “Best organization and promotion of the AC Milan Junior Camp“
  • 2007: “Cortina d’Ampezzo: best AC Milan Junior Camp location in the world“
  • 2007: “Cortina d’Ampezzo: location with the highest number of participants in the world”
  • 2015: SKY Sport Service (Asiago Plateau)
  • 2016: The New York Times Review

The AC Milan Academy Junior Camp is a week-long football experience focused on football trainings and on the AC Milan training methodology, which combines the football experience with the human one; the camp is a week of fun and life together with the other participants, based on the values of sport, respect and inclusion; it is an important moment to stimulate the sense of responsibility of the participants, to consolidate the value of rules and education and to experience a moment of unforgettable passion.

The prestigious and exclusive technical collaborations of Sporteventi are a unique plus in Italy and Europe: Pierino PratiFilippo GalliStefano EranioDiego BortoluzziPietro VierchowodCristian Lantignotti and Walter De Vecchi have alternated in these years at the technical supervision of the AC Milan Academy Junior camps organized by Sporteventi.


The AC Milan Academy Junior camps are a unique life experience also thanks to their internationality, given the presence of participants from over 50 different nations (USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan).

Our camps for summer 2024 will take place in the beautiful locations of:

Cortina d’Ampezzo (Dolomiter Alps)

  • FIRST WEEK: 16 June 2024 ~ 22 June 2024
  • SECOND WEEK: 23 June 2024 ~ 29 June 2024
  • THIRD WEEK: 30 June 2024 ~ 6 July 2024
  • FOURTH WEEK: 7 July 2024 ~ 13 July 2024


Altopiano di Asiago (Alps)

  • FIRST WEEK: 7 July 2024 ~ 13 July 2024
  • SECOND WEEK: 14 July 2024 ~ 20 July 2024
  • THIRD WEEK: 21 July 2024 ~ 27 July 2024


Jesolo Lido (Venice)

  • FIRST WEEK: 21 July 2024 ~ 27 July 2024
  • SECOND WEEK: 28 July 2024 ~ 3 August 2024


Lignano Sabbiadoro (Venice Area)

  • FIRST WEEK: 4 August 2024 ~ 10 August 2024



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