AC Milan soccer Camps Training Program 2024

Training Program

Every single location of AC Milan Academy Junior Camp is entrusted to the management and coordination of the Sporteventi’s Manager. The Sporteventi’s Manager is in charge of the coordination of all Sporteventi coaches present at the camp (one for every 9 campers including the Sporteventi’s Manager) both on and off the soccer field.

Trainings on the soccer field are directed directly and exclusively by the Technical Supervisor and by the AC Milan Technical Director present on site; the Sporteventi’s Manager, following the guidelines set down by them, coordinates all the Sporteventi coaching staff.

Technical Supervisors are former AC Milan players of proven national and international fame and prestige or coaches or managers of crucial importance. They are in charge of planning the strictly technical side of the AC Milan Junior Camp, the training sessions and everything that has to do with what is happening in the soccer fields in general.

The AC Milan Technical Director is a member of AC Milan and is a Coach who coordinates the technical part of AC Milan Junior Camp with the Technical Supervisor and with the Sporteventi’s Manager.

Campers are divided into groups based mainly on age, physical growth and finally technical ability, which is judged the first day upon their arrival at the camp (Sunday afternoon). Following is a brief description of the type of work done by each group:

  • 6-8 years: mainly work with the ball (ball driving, dribbling, precision shooting)
  • 9-12 years: work with the ball and technical-tactical exercises (3vs2 or 2vs1 games, zone or man disposition, movements without the ball)

13-16 years: mainly technical-tactical work



Organization of activities

The morning is usually devoted to technical stations; afternoons are used for squad or individual tournaments (drives, shoot outs, penalty kicks, etc.).

As a general rule physical work is suspended on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons to give campers time to recuperate from their hard work. “Recuperation” often occurs in a pool, whenever the town or hotel offers adequate installations.



Training Structure

The trainings are structured on the basis of the Integrated AC Milan Method, a set of methodologies and training programs designed by the AC Milan Academy – the innovation and development training Department of AC Milan – with the aim of simultaneously pursuing a plurality of objectives complementary to each other and belonging to different areas, namely:

  • Technical-tactical area
  • Athletic area
  • Psycho-relational area
  • Educational area


Durante l'allenamento al Milan Junior Camp, il supervisore AC Milan, <img src=


We inform you that following the expenses made during 2021 to allow the association’s activities to be carried out during the pandemic due to COVID (swabs, detergents, etc.), a public contribution was obtained on 03.16.2023, equal to Euro 21,784.88.
Si informa che a seguito delle spese fatte nel corso del 2021 per permettere lo svolgimento delle attività dell’associazione nel corso della pandemia dovuta al COVID (tamponi, detergenti ecc), è stato ottenuto in data 16-03-2023 un contributo pubblico, pari ad Euro 21.784,88.