Pierino Prati

Pierino Prati passed away on 22 June 2020; however, in agreement with his family, we will keep Pierino’s profile among that of our Technical Supervisors because, for us at Sporteventi, he was much more than a collaborator, he was a great friend and he was the first great AC Milan player to join us and to trust us for 19 years.

Thank you very much indeed Pierino for everything you have done for us!! We will never forget you!

Pierino Prati, former footballer and coach at Milan Junior Camp, with a child wearing his jersey with the number 11 of AC MilanPierino Prati grew up with the youngsters of AC Milan. He was first sent to a C league team, the Salernitana, to begin his career. He began to play professional soccer there, taking the team to the championship and a consequent promotion to the B league. The next year he jumped to the B series team of Savona. L’anno successivo il salto in B, a Savona. From there he returned to AC Milan, where he played for seven winning years.

He has won:

  • 2 Italy Cups
  • 2 Cup of Cups
  • 1 National Championship (stagione 68/69)
  • the Champions Cup 1969
  • the Intercontinental Cup 1970

Pierino Prati in the Cup finalIn 1967 he was also Top Scorer of the Italian championship.

From there he joined the Rome team, where he played for another 5 years before moving on to Florence (one year) and finally returning to Savona in series C, where his playing career ended three years later, in 1981.
Pierino Prati also played in 18 national matches, scoring 7 goals. He still holds the record for goals (3) scored in the final match of the Champions League (AC Milan-Ajax, 4-1), becoming a legend!

Wearing the blue jersey (Italian national team) he was European Champion in 1968 and runner up in the World Cup in Mexico in 1970.

Prati had numerous trainers during his long career; of these Swede Nils Liedholm and Nereo Rocco, the “Paron” are the most memorable.

Pierino Prati played as a footballer alongside Gianni Rivera in AC MilanPierino Prati played in AC Milan for coach Nereo Rocco

Although he has “hung up his shoes”, he has not abandoned the game. After participating in the Super Trainer 1st Class‘ in Coverciano, he has dedicated his time to training boys.
For seven years he has been an instructor at the AC twin soccer school AC Milan.

Pierino Prati since 2007 is one of the Technical Directors of the AC Milan Academy and represent the Club in official events.


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Pierino Prati kick the ball to the goalkeeper during the training at AC Milan Academy CampThe coach Pierino Prati with seven youth of the AC Milan Academy Junior Camp at the Jesolo stadium (Venice)


Pierino Prati - TrainingPierino Prati - Training